Ice fishing


How about testing your skills at fishing through the ice?

Learn with your experienced guide how to fish through a hole in the ice. We set out to the lake with ice drill and special pilkki rods (jigs). We can fish for a variety of fish, Grayling, trout, perch, pike, roach,whitefish even burbot is possible!

After ice-fishing we return to the Lappish Teepee and sit by the fire with a hot drink telling of our experiences of the one that got away! It is even possible to cook our own catch. If we catch fish we can cook it by the fire in our own teepee.

Duration approx 3 hrs

Price 49 euro/ person

Min 2 persons

Programme include own guide service, transportation, required equipment, snack: (coffee/tea and bun), insurance and VAT

The Ultimate Ice-fishing tour in Norway

Every spring (March, April, May) Northtrek make the ultimate tour to the frozen mountain lakes of Norway.

In search of the Arctic Char and Trout, the views are stunning and the fishing is excellent, if you are interested in this once in a lifetime trip please do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

Price is depending on duration and type of accommodation

Duration 3 – 5 days